No matter how neat one works when working with sheet metals; with thermal procedures one cannot avoid mechanical burrs. A product with burrs is often difficult to use and not easy to assemble, and they make it difficult to carry out other procedures correctly. In short: the burrs must be removed. Luckily this unfortunate side-effect can easily be corrected at LWM Laserservice.

The benefits of mechanic de-burring
By de-burring sheets mechanically, every sheet has the same quality, and is equally de-burred. This is especially important for further processing or assembly. It is also very time-saving opposed to manual de-burring.

To achieve the best result we, at LWM Laserservice, have no less than two machines for mechanical de-burring:

  • The Timesavers de-burring machine on which we process products has a spin with 8 rotating brushes. This makes it possible to apply a 2 mm radius of a constant quality, in all directions.
  • Small, smooth and constant radius of +/- 2 mm
  • All holes and coverings are de-burred in one action
  • Excellent coverage for surface treatments
  • Safe: No chance of cutting wounds by removing the sharp edges

Would you like to know what we can mean for you? 

Do you regularly have rush orders and are you searching for a partner where you do not always have to submit a new price request? Then LWM Laserservice is the partner for you. We make clear agreements concerning price and delivery time, so you are guaranteed of a proper final result: the highest possible efficiency for the lowest possible price.

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