As specialist in the cutting of sheet metal, pipes and tube products, you can contact us for large and small series. Sometimes it seems impossible to find good laser and sheet work, quickly, and at a good price. However, at LWM Laserservice this is not a problem. Because we manufacture highly automated and hands-off, and do not depend on external parties in our production process, we can guarantee you fantastic quality for the best price. Whether it involves series work or a rush job,

LWM Laserservice is the ideal partner for processing stainless steel, steel and aluminium. At LWM Laserservice we can also provide sheet metal work, of large dimensions, with great ease.

From laser cutting and laser tube cutting to mechanical de-burring, edging, drilling, tapping and welding: at LWM Laserservice your sheet work is in excellent hands.

At LWM Laserservice everything is manufactured in-house. This makes us extremely flexible and we always have control over the quality of our work. With extensive machinery, always having the correct materials in stock, and focusing on what we are good in, we ensure that all operations meet the set quality requirements to the last detail.

Only the best result is good enough. That is why we work meticulously and painstakingly, with a large dose of expertise and skill. Our machinery also has to meet the highest requirements. Because all procedures take place in-house, you never have to wait long for your high quality sheet work, and we can keep the costs low. Our own pick-up and delivery service make our service provision complete. 

No new price request for every rush order? This is not a problem at LWM Laserservice, we work with framework contracts and clear agreements. Explore the possibilities that LWM Laserservice has to offer.

  • Speed and service in laser work
  • The best edging, cutting, rolling milling, tapping and drilling
  • Mechanical de-burring
  • Low costs, high speed
  • Extensive stock
  • Optimal result
  • The best contract
  • Pick-up and delivery service


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