An economical alternative for large and smaller series when constructing pipes and tubes is laser tube cutting. As a specialist in the field of laser machining, LWM Laserservice obviously has a laser tube cutter. We can do this from 12mmØ to 220 mmØ and 200 mm square.

With modern machinery we are able to manufacture hands-off, and provide our clients with laser tube cutting of the best quality, for the best price. Will you allow yourself to be convinced soon of the various benefits that laser tube cutting has to offer you? 

The tube laser offers options which were previously not achievable. Specifically the extreme accuracy of laser tub cutting is seen by many people as the greatest advantage of this form of processing. With a tube laser one can cut up to 0.1 mm accurately!

Whether it involves simple procedures such as shortening, to more advanced procedures like pattern lasering, anything is possible. In addition, the speed of a tube laser cutter is extremely high and your product will be on site in no-time.

Tube laser cutting at LWM Laserservice
One of the conditions for a good tube laser cutter has to be fantastic flexibility. At LWM Laserservice we have therefore deliberately chosen for the Adige LT8 3D tube laser. The tilting head makes 3D cutting of the parts possible, from open to special profiles. The automatic and ingenious docking system leads to fantastic productivity.

This machine is also able to make the best choice for every phase of the production, but our experts can also adjust the settings manually, if required. From large series to small, specific orders: LWM Laserservice is the right place for all your laser tube orders.

For laser tube cutting we have the following laser tube cutting machine:

  • Adige LT8 3D tube laser

Would you like to know what we can mean for you? 

Do you regularly have rush orders and are you searching for a partner where you do not always have to submit a new price request? Then LWM Laserservice is the partner for you. We make clear agreements concerning price and delivery time, so you are guaranteed of a proper final result: the highest possible efficiency for the lowest possible price.

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